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Welcome to our Web site!  
We are Fulltime RV'ers!!

Our website is and always will be a work in progress.  It will never be done. 

As we travel the country, visit new places, meet new friends and experience new things, we will share them here.


OK, so I know I'm way behind, but in addition to fun stuff, I got a new computer.  I also found out the program I use to create and update my website is being unsupported.  So I am using a new program and still learning it.

I am putting a link to it so you can see our journal.  Best way to view it is still to use http://www.awaywego1.com and use this link.  I would love suggestions email to me at rv@awaywego.com.

Thanks for your patients.

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Hi everyone,

            We've been on the road for over 8 years now.  It's hard to believe.  We embarked on our Adventure Holiday on October 17th, 2006.  We quit our jobs and now live in our 29í Fifth Wheel RV.  Our "COW", condo on wheels.  We have a small plan but it will always be changeable.  Wherever the road takes us, thatís where weíll be.

            The last 8 years have taken us to all of the lower 48 states.  We spent the winter in the Florida Keys at Lazy Lakes RV Resort on Sugarloaf Key at mile marker 20.  Then we spent a few months this summer down in Akumal Mexico and kept changing our length of stay.  Now we are hunkered down for the winter at Lazy Lakes RV Resort on Sugarloaf Key Florida just 20 miles from Key West.  Keep that in mind if you need a tropical escape.  We have had a great year so far.  Make sure to check our journal

            To see a summary map of our route, click here.  I don't keep the map up as well as I should, but too much fun stuff gets in the way.

            You can email us at rv@awaywego.com.  Even though we legally have to have an address, itís hard to get mail on the road and it will take about 6-8 weeks for us to receive it.  So Iím not even giving you the address. 

            Once in a while we will email an adventure update, so if we donít have your email and you want to be included, email me and Iíll add your email address to our list.  You can always check back here for our journal which we will try and updating weekly.  Well we have to go now.  Weíll see you soon. 

Remember, you only go around once, so live for today!

            You can read details on our journal and destinations pages.

               Take care and  AWAYWEGO!!!!!!!!!

Sandy and John Bush

RV Gypsies 


Growing Older But Not Up!!

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