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Start of our new RV adventure

30  Today a lot of fellow campers from Grass Lake Marina is throwing a surprise going away party for us.  There is tons of food, drinks and music.  We closed our street off and have tables and a big fire in the middle of it.  We’ll it went on long into the night and ended up starting up again the next morning with Bloody Mary’s and more food.  Moony came over and played her guitar and then Moony and Dave were playing the guitar and bongos.  We ended up on Daves boat and went to Blarneys Island for the Drink us dry day.

23  Today is the End of Year Party at Grass Lake Marina.  It’s a little rainy but that won’t stop anything.  There are horseshoes and volleyball.  For the kids, there’s pony rides and a jumpup.  The bar has a buffet for dinner and then a DJ.

We are golfing with my Dad up at George Williams College Golf Course in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.  We also have a family cookout scheduled for Labor Day weekend.

Start of our new RV adventure

We’re still getting our things organized and enjoying summer.  Grass Lake Marina had their 2nd annual golf cart parade on fourth of July weekend.  We also went out with some friends on their pontoon boat to watch the Fox Lake fireworks display.  This display was over 30 minutes long and was excellent!!!!  We’re planning on renting a pontoon the end of this month.

Start of our new RV adventure

This month we’re working on getting all our stuff changed to our new address.  I’m also still in the process of scanning all our photos.  I wasn’t able to get that done before we moved, so I have a big box of photo albums I’m working on.  It’s a big project and I’m ready for it to be done.         Also, since our RV bed is now our permanent bed, we were looking into getting a memory foam mattress.  There very expensive.  I did more checking at Bed, Bath and Beyond I found a 3″ memory foam topper and pillows.  Since we could return them if we didn’t like it, I purchased it.  So far, it’s great.  Way more comfortable.        We also had the Jimmy Buffett concert up at Alpine Valley on June 17th.  There were 12 of us that went.