John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

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Jupiter – Jonathon Edwards St Park

Today we headed to Hobe Sound Natl Wildlife Refuge. After going through the nature center we took a 1 mile hike on the scrub trail. It winds around and then down to the intercoastal. John needs more hiking. So I dropped him at the tracks and he hiked 5 miles back to our campsite on the old Dixie Hwy trail.

Now we regrouped and later headed to the Double Roads Tavern. They have an acoustic open mic tonight hosted by Joe Birch. It’s amazing what a small world and musician world it is. We met Pete (Bullfrog) another harp player that comes here often. After talking a couple minutes, he knows a couple of our harp friends. Stan (Sloppy) from Key West and Buzz from Antioch Il. So jammers were arriving and one walked in and I knew I knew him from somewhere. It was (Larry) Reverend Hambone that played at Keystock in 2012 when it was at Lazy Lakes, also in 2015 at Keystock Truman Waterfront and in April 2016 at a CW Colt house party.

Chicago Sandy got to play with the host Joe Birch and also sat in with another jammer playing Mary Jane’s Last Dance. There were also musicians jammin outside as well. We’ll have to return to this jam if we are ever in the area on a Monday night.

Jupiter FL – Jonathon Edwards St Park

John checked mama’s nest and now there are 3 eggs. We took a nice walk along old Dixie Hwy and the tracks in our park. Now we re-grouped and headed to Stuart. There is a riverwalk with an outdoor music stage. We met Johns cousin Sandy and her husband Paul there. The stage is waterfront and the Boathouse is right next door. So we got an outside table, had some appetizers, cocktails and listened to music. The Burnt Biscuit band was playing. It was great to visit with Sandy and Paul. They headed home and we stopped for one more at Mulligans Beach House right on the water overlooking the pier. They had a steel drum reggae singer. Now we headed home, had a nightcap outside. Another rough day.

Jupiter FL – Jonathon Edwards St Park

Today we headed to the Loxahatchee River for the boat tour. It’s about an 1.5 hours up the river. The foliage changed along the way due to it changing from salt to fresh water. It’s high tide so we can stop by the old Trapper Nelsons homestead. A ranger gave us a tour and explained Trapper Nelson’s life and how he lived and died. We did a lot of walking yesterday and I’m ready for a break, so I found a spot under a shelter, got my chair and book out while John did a 5 mile hike to the overlook on the Kitching Creek. We headed home, had a nice dinner and took a time-out.

Jupiter FL – Jonathon Edwards St Park

This morning we checked the nest and now there are 2 eggs. We’ll already be gone when they hatch, but we’ll watch mama until then. Today we headed towards Jupiter to Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. They take in and help injured and abandoned wild animals. If they can be rehabilitated they will be released back in the wild. If not, they are cared for and are in a zoo like environment. The whole sanctuary is funded by donations. They also have a nice nature walk of about a mile. Along the nature walk we saw the largest woodpecker in North America, the Pileated Woodpecker. After a great time at the Sanctuary we headed to the Jupiter Riverwalk. This runs along the Loxahatchee River for a few miles. We walked about a 1 ½ down the river on the riverwalk and then walked back on Highway 1. We stopped at a Cabo Flats a Mexican Restaurant for refreshments and appetizers.
Now we are done hiking for the day, but it’s still early so we took a beach drive on Jupiter Island up to Hobe Sound. The south side has some beach access but the north side is multi million dollar homes. We headed home and took a time-out for a while.
After re-grouping we headed down the road to Blowing Rocks Marina Tiki 52 for a few cocktails and music. Anthony James was playing. A trop rock performer, Dave McKenny was also performing. We met lots of parrotheads and Chicago Sandy got to do a song with Dave.