John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal


Hurricane Evacuation and Biloxi MS

When we got up around 7pm, we were back on the road. We needed gas and breakfast. Most gas stations are out of gas. We stopped at a Travel America truck stop and they were out of regular gas, but once again, we use diesel and they had lots of that. We had breakfast and coffee and decided to travel to Biloxi.

We want to get out of Irma’s cone. Panama City Beach and Gulf Shores AL is still in the cone. We contacted Cajun RV Park where we have stayed a few times and was able to get a site. We got set up and we were done!!! We had a couple cocktails and that was it!

Ocala and Hurricane Evacuation

We are thinking we may have to go to a shelter at some time so we got ready for that. About 4pm there was a mandatory evacuation order for all people in RV’s and mobile homes. It’s looking like Irma may come right up the center and over us. So we decided to close up and take our house and hit the road.

We had no idea yet where. We got on the road at 515pm and I75 was packed with all the people evacuating from all over Florida. We decided to take I10 west instead of North towards Atlanta. Irma is still set to go right up into Georgia. We ended up traveling about 150 miles to a rest area near Live Oak FL along I10. We got there around 9am and got a spot. We headed to bed in our 5ver and had a nice sleep.

Elko, GA

Today is overcast with just a little wind. We are staying tonight again at Twin Oaks RV Park in Elko. Lisa the manager has been very helpful getting us in for a couple more nights. Hurricane Matthew is still south of Jacksonville and moving North along the coast. We will see what tomorrow brings. We took a drive to Walmart for some supplies and pretty much had an easy day. Tonight is the first Cubs Playoff game. It’s not televised here and there are no sports bars or any bars in this area. Go CUBS!!!