John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal


Elko, GA

Today is overcast with just a little wind. We are staying tonight again at Twin Oaks RV Park in Elko. Lisa the manager has been very helpful getting us in for a couple more nights. Hurricane Matthew is still south of Jacksonville and moving North along the coast. We will see what tomorrow brings. We took a drive to Walmart for some supplies and pretty much had an easy day. Tonight is the first Cubs Playoff game. It’s not televised here and there are no sports bars or any bars in this area. Go CUBS!!!

Elko GA

After enjoying coffee outside, we headed up to Perry about 10 miles north. We had to get some DEF fluid for the truck and then went to the Georgia National Fair about 1230pm. We were surprised it wasn’t crowded. We found a spot right in front and followed some people in. We walked along the buildings with the sheep, cows and bulls. They were all getting baths and prettied up for the fair. We noticed nothing was open yet. Then found out it doesn’t open until 4pm. So we walked all around and checked out the food vendors, rides, and farm animals. A yogurt vendor sold us some sundaes and we enjoyed them overlooking the fairgrounds. When we left around 330pm, there was a line to get in at 8.00 per person. We had a nice afternoon at the fair, free and by ourselves.

We headed back to Twin Oaks RV Park, had dinner and watched football. The manage Lisa stopped by and advised us she could give us 2 more nights, so we thanked her and accepted them.

Traveling day – Clarksville TN to Elko GA

We were up early and on the road by 7am. We drove from Clarksville TN to Elko GA. We got 2 nights at Twin Oaks RV Park in Elko GA. We would have liked to stay one night and continue on towards the keys, but Hurricane Matthew changed our plans. We realized we needed more than 2 nights but that’s all that was available. We got set up , had dinner and what our friend Paul on Survivor. Unfortunately Paul was voted out tonight but it was great to see him on it.