John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal



Last night we got out a blanket and Magic wanted under the covers too. Up to now the weather has been good. But this morning it was 44 degrees when we got up. Way to cold for all three of us. We turned on our fireplace, dressed in warm clothes and enjoyed hot coffee inside. This morning we spent on more studying, organizing, and working on projects.

Now we headed to pick up our new truck. We got to say goodbye to Big Red and hello to our new Ruby Red truck. When we got home, we made sure the hitch was right and we were ready to hit the road in the morning.


This morning we headed into Bloomington for more shopping. Today was another big shopping day. We ended up trading in Big Red for a new 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD High Country Truck. They gave us a loaner for overnight since they had to switch the tool box and our fifth wheel hitch. When we got home, we did a lot of studying on all the new stuff on our new truck.