John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal



We packed up and headed to Camping World in Jacksonville. Our new home was set up and waiting for us. We took a walk thru and then did the paperwork to trade in our Cardinal and purchase our new 2015 Keystone Montana 3100RL Fifth Wheel. Now it’s moving time. We had hoped to be done before they closed, but that wasn’t happening. That’s ok, it worked out better. We were able to stay overnight in our new rig on the lot of Camping World. Our old rig was right next to us so we were able to keep moving stuff out and organizing and reorganizing in our new home.


Today is a happy and sad day. We are departing our winter home at Lazy Lakes and heading to Chicago for the summer. However, we have another exciting adventure first. Today we are heading to Jacksonville FL and got set up at Flamingo Lake RV Resort. This is our last night in our original COW (Condo on Wheels). Tomorrow we are getting a new home.

Yuma Az to Desert Hot Springs Ca

We don’t have far to go today.  We are heading to Desert Hot Springs, California.  It’s about 175 miles from Yuma.  We were ready to leave around 8am.  We were hitching up the cow and our hydraulic jacks all off a sudden stopped working.  John did some troubleshooting and found it was a fuse hidden in the wiring of the jacks.  We got it going and was on the road by 9am.
We got to Desert Hot Springs and to Sam’s Family Spa RV Resort.  We found a spot and got set up.  From our cow we are surrounded by mountains.  Some are snow capped.  This area is known for it’s hot springs.  Our campground has 4 natural hot spring pools.  So after we got set up, we decided a hot soak would be great.