John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Ft Myers

Feb 29, 2016 Ft Myers Beach

Another perfect morning.  Sam, Dave and John did some beach fishing.  After relaxing outside on the beach this morning 6 of us went out fishing.  Sam, Paul, Dave, Julie, John and I headed to Fishtales marina.  Capt Dave took us out on a 25 ft fishing rigged pontoon boat.  We fished the pass and the back bay.  We had lots of action and ended up with some mackeral, sea trout and redfish.  It was a great day on the water.  Back home we all regrouped and help make a great dinner of cheeseburgers, baked potatoes, fresh fried fish, chicken salad and fish dip.  I think it will be an early evening for all of us.

February 28, 2016

This morning Sam was out fishing on the beach early. We all started on a beach walk towards town and made some bar stops. We stopped at the Beach Bar for beer buckets and listened to a blues band, then we lost a few and ended up at the Salty Crab where Chicago Sandy got to play. We moseyed on home and watched the sunset with cocktails and friends.

Feb 27, 2016 Ft Myers Beach

We were up and out by 530am.  We are crossing the seven mile bridge on our way to Ft Myers Beach.  John and I and 7 friends from Chicago are renting a house right on the beach for a week.  It was perfect timing.  We all met at the house around 1230p.  Our group is Marty, Dave, Julie, Sam, Jackie, Paul, Chris, John and I.  We headed out for groceries and liquor.   We got home with a truckload of both costing 1100.00.  We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing outside on the beach with cocktails, food, music and good friends.   A few of Dave and Julies friends came by and stayed 1 night.