John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Sugarloaf Key

Sugarloaf – 09May17

Today is our pre-departure day. Even though we have been working on projects we need to get in traveling mode. We have enjoyed our 7 months here at Lazy Lakes. We grounded ourselves tonight. A bunch of our friends stopped by to say “See you soon”.

Sugarloaf – 08May17

This morning we visited with Debi over coffee then took our lake walkabout. Our mama ring collared dove is still on the nest and there is some activity so maybe an egg is hatching. Debi will have to let us know. We kidnapped Debi and walked to KOA for happy hour. Our group is small. Debi, Craig, Richard, Sally, Joy, John and I.

Sugarloaf – 07May17

Easy day and a few more projects. We regrouped and picked up Douglas and headed to Looe Key for the Sunday Ukulele Jam. Ukulele jams are different than other jams. The main band, which is Bob Paul, Bob on bass uke, Bob on and Jim McCabe is on stage. The jammers are at their tables playing along. Angie and Mickey showed up and joined us. After the jam, Jim gave me some uke pointers. We stopped at Douglas’s place for a nightcap on the way home.

Sugarloaf – 06May17

Today we had some pool time, and then cocktails in our yard. We were heading in and heard music. We moseyed down by Dae and Corey’s. They had karoke set up in their yard and a few people were over. So we had a couple more cocktails, Chicago Sandy got her harps and did some singing and playing.