John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Sugarloaf Key

Sugarloaf – 05May17

We took our lake walk and stopped to see Pam and Rachelle. We were sent inside because a big storm is coming so we did some projects. We regrouped and headed to Key West. Today is Cinco de Mayo and we want to celebrate. We stopped at Lucy’s and Richard met us here. They have music, happy hour and specials. After enjoying the music, eating and having some margaritas we walked on.
We mosey down Duval to Viva Saloon to listen to Raven. We haven’t seen her much this season and really enjoy her music. The songwriters festival is coming up and a Nashville performer, RG Wells was in the audience and got up and played a couple songs. Now were done. We had a great time.

Sugarloaf – 04May17

We are doing more projects. I know it seems like we have lots of projects, but it’s also our 6 month spring cleaning and clearing out of stuff we don’t use. Our friends Dennis and Kathy have some friends, Pam and Rachelle visiting Lazy Lakes. So we stopped by the pool to meet them and hang out for a while. We were going to go to the movie, but we ended up having cocktails in our yard and talking to Fish our neighbor.

Sugarloaf – 02May17

Another nice morning. We have been following our Ring Collared Dove. She is back on the nest with new eggs. A few months ago she had 2 eggs that hatched and we got to see the babies grow up. Today we have a few more projects.
Tonight is our last Looe Key jam night for a few months. Chicago Sandy is already going through withdrawls. The Taco Jam Band, Tony, Mark, Cliff and Luke are great musicians and good friends. They officially inducted Chicago Sandy as the 5
th Beatle and part of the band. Tonight it was great to see Jammin George on Sax. He hasn’t been here for a while. Other jammers were Popeye on vocals and guitar, Billy Brown on vocals, Terri on vocals and guitar, Detroit Mike on keyboard, Chris on trombone, Flip Flop Bob on Drums and many others.
Our group was Craig, Debi, Sally, Delis, Douglas, Joy, and Richard. There were a lot of other friends their too, Angie, Katie, Wayne, Rose, Anne and others. After the jam was over, Sally, Douglas, John and I stayed for a nightcap and enjoyed the evening.