John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Sugarloaf Key

Sugarloaf – 01May17

A little over a week before our departure day. We packed up a lot of our stuff from our yard. Gil and Betty are letting us store it on their site over the summer. Now we had happy hour in our yard with Debi and then kidnapped her and walked to the KOA for happy hour. Not many left in our group, Richard, Douglas, Craig, Debi, Joy, Sally, John and I. We had some cocktails and since Cinco De Mayo is coming up we got a few Tequila’s.

Sugarloaf – 30Apr17

We woke up to a stormy morning so we read the paper inside. It should clear up and be a beautiful day.
We headed to Key West to the Green Parrot for the Jazz Jam. It’s a little different today. There was Robert Aubrey, Fritz, Hal Howland, and a couple others. Some great blues.
We stayed for a few songs and then headed to Capt Tony’s to see Bo Fodor. Chicago Sandy got to play a couple songs with him and we head a few of his original songs. We moseyed on and stopped at Schooner Wharf and enjoyed the music of Michael McCloud, Capt Carl Peachy, and Professor Pete. A stop at Irish Kevins to see John Solinsky. He will be up at Blarneys Island in June for Key West Fest.
Time for dinner. We went to a place we haven’t been to before, Thai Island on Palm Ave at the Bight. Beautiful view and good food. Another rough day in the Keys.

Sugarloaf – 29Apr17

Nice morning. We are working on projects getting the inside and outside of the rig and truck ready to hit the road in a little over a week. Later we did some reading and had a time-out evening.

Sugarloaf – 28Apr17

We had our coffee, paper, lake walk and did a few projects. Now we headed to Key West for some shopping, and an oil change for Ruby. Now it’s fun time. Our first stop was Irish Kevins and Irish Kevin was playing. Kevin’s is always fun. Next we headed across the street to Rick’s to see Yo Adrian. Adrian is always fun. Now we went to the Green Parrot. Jason Ricci and his band is doing sound check. Jason is a well known and great harmonica player. I have done quite of few of his online youtube harmonica lessons. So we enjoyed the music and saw Bob Paul and his wife Ellen there. We are ready for dinner and went to Roositca on Stock Island for a nice Italian dinner. Another rough day in the Keys.