John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Sugarloaf Key


Happy Easter!  We had a relaxing morning around our yard.  Craig and Debi invited a bunch over for Easter Dinner.  Craig has the smoker smoking and Debi is cooking.  There were about 20 people there and everyone brought food.  So there was lots food and drinks.  Judy had us rolling laughing when she called pepsi to complain about flat soda and ended up getting 100.00 in coupons from them.


This morning John and Larry were out by 645am for bridge fishing.  I got up and finally did some work on my journal and website. I know, I have been a major slacker so far this year.

Later we headed to Looe key Tiki tonight to play with Bo Fodor, Kenny, Popeye, and Randy. After a couple sets, we headed to KOA and Capt Josh was playing.


This morning we were up and out by 830am and heading to Blue Heaven for breakfast.  Richard drove Linda, Larry, John and I and we met Steve and Craig there.  After a great Lobster Benedict, Steve, John and I took a walk on Duval.  We stopped at Koz’s Greenworld Gallery, then on to Cowboy Bills for a beer, then ended up with gelato before heading home.  Now we relaxed in our yard and did some reading.  We took a nice walk around then lake, had a great dinner and a TV night.


John needed a walkabout to the burned out bridge and I needed a pool day.  We met up at the pool and relaxed.  Tonight we took a time-out and had a TV night.