John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Sugarloaf Key

Feb 20 2016

Today John, Dennis and Larry ran bait traps. Its a nice day and Dennis, John and I headed to the pool for some sun and reading. After dinner and re-grouping, Joy met us in the back yard for happy hour. We all walked over to KOA to party with Howard Livingston and the MM24 band. It was packed but we found 4 bleacher seats by the pool which actually worked out pretty good. We did some dancing and had a great time.

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Feb 19 2016

John and Larry were up and out by 630am and heading to the brisge for fishing.  When I got up I worked on projects and did some harmonica practice.  John got back and Dennis came over.  After lunch we regrouped, picked up Larry and headed to geiger key to hike the beach.  I had my beach chair and did some reading.  Now we stopped at Geiger Key for happy hour.  Ray West and Corey was there to play so that was great.  Chicago Sandy got to play with them.  A bunch of Lazy Lakers also came by.  Gary, Maddie, Larry, Dennis, Greg, Lou, Rebecca, John and I.  When we got home Dennis, John and I stayed in and watched survivor.

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Feb 18, 2016

After our lake walk, John and Dennis headed to the burned out bridge. I had to catch up on a few things. Now it’s some pool time to soak up the sun. Had to regroup and head to Greg’s place for margarita’s and cigars. It started with only a couple people, but soon there were quite a few of us. Now regroup again and head to the clubhouse for the outdoor Thursday movie. Tonights feature is “Bridge of Spys”. It was a really good movie and a great day.

Feb 17, 2016

We took our lake walk and then we got Dennis moved into the RV he’s renting for the week. Now Dennis and I headed to the grocery store for a few supplies he needs for his trailer. After lunch, we all headed to the pool, Dennis to soak up some sun and John to cheer on and photograph the Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band that Chicago Sandy plays harmonica and sings in. We are all improving every time we play, but most important is that we have fun. After practiced, we regrouped and headed to the clubhouse for potluck. Gil, Gary and Rick are making homemade spaghetti and meatballs tonight. As always it was great and lots of left overs. Now a couple joker games started and we played until around 10pm.