John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal


Biloxi MS

Irma is hitting our keys this morning. She is set to come up the west coast of Florida and then the center right over Ocala. We are trying to get updates and info from the keys and our friends. We want to make sure their ok. We went out and got some projects done, but still concerned about our keys friends. So we watched coverage as the devastation started coming in.

Biloxi MS

We normally like to have our coffee outside in the morning. Not today. We were glued to the tv watching the hurricane coverage. It looks bad. Right now Irma is a Cat 5 and heading right to the Florida Keys and our key, Sugarloaf.

Some of our friends evacuated and some are staying. We are praying for both. We did take a break in the afternoon and go to Boomtown Casino and Imperial Palace for a few cocktails and some gambling.

Hurricane Evacuation and Biloxi MS

When we got up around 7pm, we were back on the road. We needed gas and breakfast. Most gas stations are out of gas. We stopped at a Travel America truck stop and they were out of regular gas, but once again, we use diesel and they had lots of that. We had breakfast and coffee and decided to travel to Biloxi.

We want to get out of Irma’s cone. Panama City Beach and Gulf Shores AL is still in the cone. We contacted Cajun RV Park where we have stayed a few times and was able to get a site. We got set up and we were done!!! We had a couple cocktails and that was it!


It’s a nice sunny morning but only around 60 degrees. We had coffee inside and then headed to the Golden Nugget for a slot tournament. We played our nickle video poker games and then went to the slot tournament. John did good, but not enough to qualify for any free play. So after a while, we headed home and finished getting ready for tomorrows travel day.