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Big Bend Natl Park

Big Bend Natl Pk, TX

We took a short drive down to Daniels Ranch early this morning. We stopped to enjoy the view of the Rio Grande and checked out where the Hot Springs Trail ends. Now after coffee and breakfast, we headed to #2 Hot Springs Historic Walk trail. We had to drive in on a dirt road and then take a very narrow winding road ½ mile into where the trailhead was. We took a short hike about 1 mile round trip to the Hot Springs. They were right along the Rio Grande. I headed back to the truck and John continued on back to Daniels Ranch about a 3 mile hike. It does have up and down elevation so it took him some time.

I headed back to Daniels Ranch and did some reading under a nice shade tree with shade. John finished his hike and we went home to do some indoor reading for a couple hours during the heat of the day. We did get a rainstorm with thunder and lightning for a little while but then it was gone and it’s still hot, around 108 degrees. We are leaving tomorrow so we do have a few projects to get done today.

Big Bend Natl Pk, TX

We stopped at the Boquillas Overlook to get an overview of the city in Mexico. Now we headed to #11 Boquillas Canyon Trail for a mile hike. From this trail you get a great view of the Rio Grande River and the entrance to the Boquillas Canyon. Also there are holes in the rocks where long ago people would ground their meal in. Since we are so close to Mexico, people cross the river and set up little stores with walking sticks and molded metal sculptures. They leave a bottle with a rock in it to put the payment if you buy something.

With our hike done, we headed to the legal border crossing. After talking to them they sent us down a path to the river where a man from Mexico came across in his rowboat. It’s 5.00 per person round trip in the rowboat. We could walk across the river but it’s about 3 feet deep, muddy and about 40 feet wide. So we took the rowboat. We paid the singing man – Victor and he gave us our return ticket. Now we can walk the mile to the town of Boquillas or get a burrow ride for 5.00 per person round trip. We paid Pino for the burrow ride and he got us set up. He walked with us for the mile and we asked about him and his town. When we arrived in town, he organized our burrows and he was our guide for our time in town. We walked through the town of about 150 people. They use solar power throughout the city. Pino showed us the schools, church, hospital, some shops and the 2 restaurants. We stopped at the one run by his cousin. I had beef tacos, John had tamales and we all had a couple cervazas. Out visit over, Pino got us back on our burrows and we headed to the river. John had an extra burrow tag along. We gave Pino 10.00 as a thank you for the tour and took the rowboat back to the USA.

Now we headed home and did some reading and relaxing. We had a couple cocktails outside and Magic and Roadrunner joined us. Then we took a nice walk to the back our our campground and saw a Black Hawk and it’s nest, a Vermilion Flycatcher bird and a couple of big Jackrabbits. A nice day now for a movie.
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Big Bend Natl Pk, TX

This will be another long day. We are going to the other end of Big Bend Natl Park. About 75 miles each way. We are taking the Ross Maxesll Scenic Drive. Our first stop is the #7 Sam Nail Ranch Trail. This is about a ½ mile trail through an old homestead that still has a working windmill. It’s also know as a good birding spot. Next was on to the Mesa Pour off area. John did #21 Lower Burro Mesa Pour-off Trail which was about 1 mile round trip with some elevation and then he did the #20 Burro Spring Trail which was about 1 ½ miles round trip.

We are now heading to the end of the road at Santa Elena Canyon. We did the short hike to the Rio Grande River. From the shore it’s about 10 feet from Mexico. The river is only about 20 feet wide and maybe 2 feet deep here. It’s a beautiful area with spectacular cliffs. On our way home, we stopped at the Santa Elena Canyon canoe put-in and had lunch at a shaded picnic table overlooking the Rio Grande. Our hikes are done, so we headed home. After today we have driven all the public paved roads in Big Bend NP which is a lot of driving.

Big Bend Natl Pk, TX

We drove up to the Chisos Basin Mountain area today. We are at 1800 feet elevation at the Rio Grande campground and the Chisos Visitor Center is at 5400 fee elevation. So it’s much cooler up here. It’s about 105 down by us and around 85 degrees up here. After going through the info at the visitors center, we took a hike on #18 Chisos Basin Loop Trail which is about 2 miles. It does have 200 feet in elevation gain and is up and down.

When we were finish, so was I. It’s still early and we want to explore the west side of the park. So we headed to Terlingua just outside the park. We ended up in the Terlingua Ghost Town and stopped at the High Sierra Bar and Grill for some cold cocktails and an early dinner.