John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal


Carlsbad, NM

We didn’t really need a week here since Guadalupe NP is closed due to the fire. So we got some domestic stuff done and then relaxed and did some reading.

Carlsbad, NM – Carlsbad Caverns Natl Park

Today we are exploring Carlsbad Caverns Natl Park. We went to the visitors center and watched a movie about the area and caves. Then John did an extended hike and took the Natural Entrance which was a 1 ½ mile hike down 800 feet into the caves. I took the easy way and did the elevator down 800 feet.

We met up at the snack bar in the caves. We both took the 1 ½ mile hike through the level caves at 800 feet down. It was self-guided which was nice so we could take our time. We both took the elevator up. We were going to stay and watch the 200,000 bats exit the cave, but we would have had to hang around for 3-4 more hours, so we headed home. Timing is everything. We saw a tarantula spider crossing the road, so we stopped to get some pictures.

Carlsbad, NM

We wanted to go to Guadalupe Natl Park while we were here, but that’s not going to happen. There is a fire going on and basically the entire park is closed. So we hung out today and did some reading and then went to the game room and played some ping pong.