John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal


Ocala FL

This is our 11 year RV Gypsy Anniversary. We have been fulltime RV’ers now for 11 years and we love it. We have got to meet lots of different people and had all sorts of cool experiences. Tomorrow we are moving to an area that is pretty remote. So, today we are doing lots of shopping include bait trap supplies. We got that done, had a couple cocktails and that was it.

Ocala FL

We were up early and on the road by 7am. We are heading about 300 miles today back to Ocala Sun RV Park where we had to evacuate from for Irma. It’s a hot and humid day. We got all set up and then took a time-out.

Ocala and Hurricane Evacuation

We are thinking we may have to go to a shelter at some time so we got ready for that. About 4pm there was a mandatory evacuation order for all people in RV’s and mobile homes. It’s looking like Irma may come right up the center and over us. So we decided to close up and take our house and hit the road.

We had no idea yet where. We got on the road at 515pm and I75 was packed with all the people evacuating from all over Florida. We decided to take I10 west instead of North towards Atlanta. Irma is still set to go right up into Georgia. We ended up traveling about 150 miles to a rest area near Live Oak FL along I10. We got there around 9am and got a spot. We headed to bed in our 5ver and had a nice sleep.

Ocala FL

We just can’t get motivated for anything. Everything is all about Hurricane Irma. Do we stay or leave? How far do we go and what direction?

This morning we decided to head to Walmart to get some groceries and if possible get gas. We got our groceries and the gas station was out of gas. However, we use diesel so they had that. We filled up and got back home.