John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Winslow, AZ

       This morning we sat outside enjoying coffee along Rt 66 with 66 degrees. Nice morning. Later this morning we headed down the road to Meteor Crater Natl Landmark. The Meteor that hit 50,000 years ago was half the size of a football field but left a hole a mile in circumference and 700 feet deep. We watched a short movie about the meteor and then took a ranger guided ½ mile hike along the rim.
Now we headed about 30 miles to Walnut Canyon Natl Monument. About 900 years ago people built dwellings in the side of the cliffs. We watched a short movie about the area and then took a mile hike. It was only a mile, but we had 240 steps down and then the hike and then 240 steps up. We took our time and it was a little overcast which was nice. The hike took us around a rock formation called the island. Along this path were all different dwellings. As we looked across the canyon cliffs, we saw a lot of dwellings all over.
With our hike done, we headed to Twin Arrows Casino which was on the way back. First we took a break at the bar and I had a couple lemon drop martini’s. We played some video poker, slots and blackjack. Had a couple more cocktails and then headed home.

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  1. Dennis G Pike

    Great photos and experiences…. thanks for sharing

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