John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

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Charleston SC

So far today is a wash-out. We did some travel research and then decided to head out to downtown Charleston. We started at the visitors center. There are 3 free bus routes you can take through the downtown and historic parts of Charleston. So we hopped on the Green Dash Bus and did the route twice.
The rain let up so we got off and started walking. We made it to market street and the market area. We stopped at Kaminsky’s Dessert Bar. I had a cappuccino and John had an Irish coffee. We shared a warm toll house pie slice with vanilla ice cream. It was great! We continued walking back to the visitors center but didn’t make it. The rain came back and poured. So we waited in a doorway for the dash bus back. Ok, were a little wet but back. Now to get home. That took us a while. A lot of the streets are flooded. We made it home and grounded ourselves.

Charleston SC

We don’t have far to travel today about 200 miles. We got checked into Oak Plantation Campground just outside of Charleston SC and set up by 230pm. We enjoyed a few cocktails outside while looking at info on the area.

St Mary’s Ga – Crooked River St. Park

We had an early morning again. We got to the ranger station for our 9am history cruise and found it was canceled. It was good because the rain came in. We hung around the rig and did some future travel research. Later we headed out for dinner at St. Mary’s Seafood and more. It was excellent! We got the combo platter for 2. Now we headed to Seagles Tavern for cocktails and music. David Pooler was playing and he had interesting stories and good music. We met the hotel, restaurant and tavern owner, Jerry Brandon. He’s owned the hotel for over 30 years and it’s been in the family since the 1930’s. Jerry was also the Mayor of St. Mary’s for 11 years.