John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

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Everglades Natl Pk – 23Apr16

We were having our coffee outside but the wind died down and the mosquitoes came out. Now we are doing a hike. John 6 miles and I went 2 miles. John saw a 4 foot Brooks King Snake on his hike. This afternoon we went on a really nice Backcountry boat tour to Whitewater Bay. We saw some crocodiles and lots of birds. We learned a lot about the Everglades. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed cocktails outside.

On the road again – Starting our summer adventure

      Today is our departure day from Lazy Lakes. We have been here 7 months and want to stay but need to go and be the gypsies we are. We plan to check out some new places this summer so stay tuned. We were on the road by 8am. It was raining the day we arrived Lazy Lakes and it was raining this morning.
We got to Flamingo Campground in the Everglades National Park and were set up by 1230pm. After lunch and a little relax time, we headed out to explore. We found a couple hikes John wants to do. Tomorrow he’s doing a 10 mile one. We went and walked by the amphitheater and then to the visitors center and marina. At the marina, we saw a couple crocodiles, some manatees and a dolphin.
We got back to our rig and had a couple cocktails, dinner and then watched a movie. We have no TV reception, but we had some programs recorded.





Apr 21, 2016

Today is our last day at Lazy Lakes on Sugarloaf Key. We have been here for 7 months and would love to stay longer, but we are gypsies and it’s time to hit the road. This morning we read the paper, had coffee and enjoyed our nature window. Debi came with us on our lake walkabout. We checked out the mama heron sitting of 3 eggs which hasn’t hatched yet then we made it around the park. We said our “See you laters” to friends and then we did our pre-departure day preparations. We are not going far tomorrow, but we like to get everything ready for travel.



Apr 20, 2016

We did our morning walk and then did some grocery shopping. Mama, the plant we used to travel with is now way to big.  Debi is going to close off the walkway and take care of her over the summer.  Now we had a relaxing afternoon and then headed next door to Craig and Debi’s for a soup potluck. Dale, Carolyn, Richard, Delis, Sally, Debi, Craig, John and I. Craig made clam chowder and also potato soup. We all brought something and Debi made a carrot cake with “Until next time” on it. We had some cocktails and headed home just after sunset.

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