John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Join us on our journey – Please be patient while photos load


We had a relaxing morning. A group of campers stopped by on their golf carts when they heard we had a bloody mary, mimosa and bagel bar set up. Stacey and Ed had to get home so they left around noon. Chris was getting ready to head home, but her friend called to come and see him play in a band at the Thirsty Turtle. Ok, here we go again. Paul and Chris kidnapped Rich, Sandy, Jackie, Sam, Jim, John and I and we took a boat ride to the turtle. It is a perfect day for a boat ride. We listened to music, had some burgers and corn, a couple drinks and then headed home. Now it’s time for people to head home. Rich and Paul headed back to Blarney’s and John and I took a time-out.


This morning we got stuff organized. Stacey and Ed coming to visit and stay overnight tonight. They got here around 1230pm and shortly we were all kidnapped by Paul and Chris to head to Blarneys Island. Mr Myers a trop rock band is playing at 3pm but it will be packed. We got there at almost 2pm and were able to get 3 tables by the stage. We ended up with about 30 of us. Jim and Diane took the shuttle and met us there. We all did lots of dancing and way to much drinking, but that’s normal at Blarneys. Rain came in but we were under a roof so for a while it was fine until the boat ride back. Stacey and I made cappuccinos and met most of the group back at our bar. We closed the bar and headed home. We had a great time today.


After our walkabout, we re-grouped and got ready for frisbee golf. We have a big group going today. We had 8 of us, Jim, Sam, Ray, Paul, Mark, Chris, John and I. We had a great time and got in some exercise.

That’s good, because when we got back we had to regroup and added more people so we have 15 of us heading out on 2 boats to El Puerto for lunch and drinks. When we got back, we all just hung out on the boats at the pier for a while. Now, John and I took a time-out this evening. We have another big day tomorrow.


Ralph and Anthony came by for a visit and we took a golf cart ride to the point. Then we had a group go to Cuda’s for video gaming, pool and drinks. Now back at the ranch, a bunch headed to the Landings for pizza, drinks and shots. We closed the bar and then we were done.