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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 03Jan20 – Bobalu’s for Gerd Rube

After Johns bike ride him and Larry went to run their bait traps. I headed to the clubhouse for band practice with Richard and Debbie. Now we regrouped and drove with Linda and Tom to Bobalu’s to see Gerd Rube. Linda had a table reserved and there were 17 of us. It was a beautiful and fun evening. Our crowd was Linda, Tom, Joy, Jason, Gary, Maddie, Steve, Sue (the others), Russ, Marsha, Jerry, Char, Ben, Pete, Tina, John and I.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 18Oct19 – Bobalu’s for Gerd Rube

We headed out for our bike ride and stopped to visit with Jerry, Char, Ray and Larry. Now some pool time. We regrouped and picked up Larry to head to Bobalu’s for dinner and drinks and to see Gerd Rube. It’s his first performance since the summer in Germany tour. Linda set it up and in our group there were about 26 of us. There were other groups we knew and Gerd was great. In the last hour, the Germany Soccer team arrived and they were hilarious. They were dressed like smurf’s. Some spoke a little English but they knew all the songs. It was a great night.

Sugarloaf Key FL

We took a drive up to Big Pine for some supplies and now John is ready for a big walkabout. While he did his 6 miles burned out bridge walk, I enjoyed sitting outside and practicing harmonica and ukulele. After he ran bait traps we were going to relax in our yard, but we decided to corrupt people and kidnapped Linda and Richard and headed to Geiger Key for cocktails and a beautiful sunset. Now a stop at Bobalu’s in their new back patio for some music from Big Daddy Rich. Chuck and Douglas came by and it was another rough night in the keys.