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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 24Jan20 -Howard at Boondocks

The boys have bait, so they were out fishing early. They caught a few but not their limit. It’s raining off and on today.
John and I still got a bike ride in.
We did some projects and then headed to Boondocks with Linda and Tom. Howard and the MM24 band is there tonight. Howard had a special guest. Max, a senior from Key West High School music program. He plays the flute and steel drums. He was awesome!! Hope to see him again. As always we had a fun,fun, fun evening.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 28Oct19 – Boondocks for MOTM Pit Stop Party

We are doing our vacation prep today. John did do his 12 mile bike ride. We got corrupted by Linda and Tom to meet them at Boondocks for the MOTM Pit Stop Party. When we got there, Glen Harmon and Bob Jaeger were playing. Next up was Terry Cassidy. Then Brent Burns, Wayne Sinclar and the Trop Rock Junkies. We had a great afternoon and headed home.