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Sugarloaf Key

John was up and out by 8am. He is fishing today but going out with Kevin on his new boat. He was back early and they got a few. Mangrove Mamas has a good blues band tonight, so we put the word out and walked over around 5pm for appetizers and drinks. Little Mike and the Torpedoes started at 6pm. We had friends coming and going and ended up with around 20 of us. Chicago Sandy was invited up and got to play 3 songs. We all had a great time.

Sugarloaf Key

I’ve been a slug practicing harmonica, so John went on a walkabout and I did some practicing. It’s a beautiful day and we headed to the pool. There were quite a few people there and got some rays, reading and relaxing in. Now it’s time to regroup and head to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and jam night. It’s starting to get crowded. We had 9 in our group tonight and had a table on the side. Of course, we had a great time.

Nice, we took our morning lake walk and then worked on a few more projects. Tonight is Looe Key Tiki Bar Taco Tuesday and Jam Night. We got there and Chicago Sandy got set up with her harmonica equipment. Most of the same musicians and friends were there.

The Taco Jam Band, Tony, Marc, Cliff and Luke. Others that played were Tim on guitar/vocals, Steve on guitar/vocals, Popeye on guitar/vocals, Molly on vocals, Sally on tambourine, Flip Flop Bob on drums, Paul on drums. We had a great group. Cindy, Sally, Craig, Debi, Richard, Douglas, Steve, Sue, John and I. Joy, Jason, Angie, Darlene, George and lot’s of other friends were there. As always we had a great time and Chicago Sandy got to jam with lots of friends.

Antioch, IL

Sunday Funday!! We got kidnapped and was forced to go boating. We did loop with Paul, Chris, Sandy, Rich and Jimmy. We went past goat island and the goats were out. We took a picture so we could help abolish the Cubs goat curse. Now we stopped at sandbar for a cocktail then back to GL. Biker Tom is playing bass at Bootleggers so a bunch of us headed over there. The Bobby Miller band is playing with Bobby on guitar and vocals, Biker Tom on bass and vocals, Adrian on drums. It kinda turned into a jam. Butch got to play on bass, there were a couple singers and another drummer including Jammin Johnny. Chicago Sandy got to play on harp for quite a few songs. Everyone had a great time. When we got back, we had a nightcap at our place.