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Jupiter – Jonathon Edwards St Park

Today we headed to Hobe Sound Natl Wildlife Refuge. After going through the nature center we took a 1 mile hike on the scrub trail. It winds around and then down to the intercoastal. John needs more hiking. So I dropped him at the tracks and he hiked 5 miles back to our campsite on the old Dixie Hwy trail.

Now we regrouped and later headed to the Double Roads Tavern. They have an acoustic open mic tonight hosted by Joe Birch. It’s amazing what a small world and musician world it is. We met Pete (Bullfrog) another harp player that comes here often. After talking a couple minutes, he knows a couple of our harp friends. Stan (Sloppy) from Key West and Buzz from Antioch Il. So jammers were arriving and one walked in and I knew I knew him from somewhere. It was (Larry) Reverend Hambone that played at Keystock in 2012 when it was at Lazy Lakes, also in 2015 at Keystock Truman Waterfront and in April 2016 at a CW Colt house party.

Chicago Sandy got to play with the host Joe Birch and also sat in with another jammer playing Mary Jane’s Last Dance. There were also musicians jammin outside as well. We’ll have to return to this jam if we are ever in the area on a Monday night.

Sugarloaf – 25Apr17

Beautiful day. We took our lake walk and continued out of the park. I walked to Mangrove Mamas and John continued on to Blimp Rd. He can’t do the burned out bridge right now because he would be carried away by mosquitoes. We headed to the pool for some rays, relaxing and reading.
Now it’s time to regroup and head to Looe Key Tiki Bar for jam night. Chicago Sandy only has 1 night after tonight. There were lots of artist’s there tonight include a 12 year old girl that sang Imagine great. Mickey Foster was there taking photos. Thanks Mickey for the great pics.

Sugarloaf Key

Today is a wash out. We had coffee outside under the overhang. We moved inside to do more projects and reading. Tonight is Taco Tuesday and Jam Night at Looe Key. Our group is getting smaller, tonight we had Douglas, Rose, Anne, Joy, Richard, Steve, Sue, John and I. Chicago Sandy got to jam a lot and we had a great time. In addition to the Taco Jam band, Tony, Mark, Cliff and Luke, Chicago Sandy got to jam with Massi Reggea man on drums, Moose on bass, Mike and Detroit Mike on keyboards Chris on trombone and on vocals, Billy Brown, Tall Tim, Popeye, and Ray West.

Sugarloaf Key

In the middle of the night a transformer blew and we lost power. Keys energy came at 4am and fixed it. However, we had problems with our microwave. At 6am Jim, Larry and John headed out for fishing. Diane and I took a walkabout and visited with people then went to check out Jim and Diane’s RV that they are moving into today. After a late breakfast Diane and I moved their stuff and John and Jim worked on the microwave. The guys were able to fix the microwave which was fantastic.
Now some grocery shopping and then we all regrouped, picked up Sally and headed for Looe Key Tiki Bar. It was jam packed but Gary and Maddie was there and had a table with 5 extra seats. Martin’s grand-kids (The Kids) Kyle and Mackenzie are in town with their friend Jayson. There band name is “Edgewater”. Mackenzie on drums, Jayson on keyboards and vocals, and Kyle on saxophone and vocals. They played 4 songs as just their band and the crowd loved it! Chicago Sandy got to play but only a few songs. Kyle played a lot on sax. Mackenzie is 16, Kyle is 18 and Jason is 20. Jim and Diane headed back with Larry and we stayed until the end.