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Feb 24, 2016

John and Larry were out fishing early again. Later Dennis, John and I set up the yard for the progressive dinner later. The appetizers started at Sandy, Sue’s and Susan’s. Then everyone moseyed on over to our place for soup and salad. I made a 7 layer salad, Peggy made a cucumber salad, Craig did cheddar bacon soup, Gregg did New England clam chowder and Larry did Mangrove fish soup. After our place it was time to head to the clubhouse for the entree. Gil, Betty hosted the entree and made chicken picatta. Next was Jerry and Chars for dessert, but a big storm came in so we all stayed at the clubhouse for dessert and Dale and Carolines after dinner drinks. Now the Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band is performing. We had a great time and ended up having some new Aussie friends Geoff and Annita join in. Another great day in the keys.

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Feb 23 2016

John and Larry were out fishing at 6am. It was raining but it looked like it was going to clear up, so off they went. I made the 7 layer salad for tomorrows progressive dinner. We are hosting the soup and salad part. Now it’s time for some sun and reading at the pool. After a couple hours, we relaxed in the yard and then regrouped and headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Jam night and Taco Tuesday.

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Feb 19 2016

John and Larry were up and out by 630am and heading to the brisge for fishing.  When I got up I worked on projects and did some harmonica practice.  John got back and Dennis came over.  After lunch we regrouped, picked up Larry and headed to geiger key to hike the beach.  I had my beach chair and did some reading.  Now we stopped at Geiger Key for happy hour.  Ray West and Corey was there to play so that was great.  Chicago Sandy got to play with them.  A bunch of Lazy Lakers also came by.  Gary, Maddie, Larry, Dennis, Greg, Lou, Rebecca, John and I.  When we got home Dennis, John and I stayed in and watched survivor.

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