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Feb 19 2016

John and Larry were up and out by 630am and heading to the brisge for fishing.  When I got up I worked on projects and did some harmonica practice.  John got back and Dennis came over.  After lunch we regrouped, picked up Larry and headed to geiger key to hike the beach.  I had my beach chair and did some reading.  Now we stopped at Geiger Key for happy hour.  Ray West and Corey was there to play so that was great.  Chicago Sandy got to play with them.  A bunch of Lazy Lakers also came by.  Gary, Maddie, Larry, Dennis, Greg, Lou, Rebecca, John and I.  When we got home Dennis, John and I stayed in and watched survivor.

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12Apr15 – Green Parrot Jazz Jam

Chicago Sandy with Terri White and the Sunday Jazz Jam band at the Green Parrot

Chicago Sandy with Terri White and the Sunday Jazz Jam band at the Green Parrot

Today we picked up Larry and headed down to the Green Parrot for the Sunday Jazz Jam.  We ended up with a good group from Lazy Lakes and Venture Out.  Richard, Leith, Steve, Larry, Jerry, Char, Carolyn, Dale, John and I.  The first part was all jazz and Charlie (possum) got up for some harmonica jazz.  The second set Terry White sang and she did some jazz and blues.

Chicago Sandy got to play some of the blues songs and Ralph LaPalma, a well know Key West photographer was there and he got a few shots of Chicago Sandy harping with the band.  Next, Richard, Leith, Larry, John and I walked over to 2 cents pub.  They have free bacon and roll the dice to see what you pay at happy hour.  We had a couple cocktails and then headed home.
We visited with Craig and Debi in our yard for a while and Craig gave us some of the meatloaf he smoked today.


This morning John and Larry were out by 645am for bridge fishing.  I got up and finally did some work on my journal and website. I know, I have been a major slacker so far this year.

Later we headed to Looe key Tiki tonight to play with Bo Fodor, Kenny, Popeye, and Randy. After a couple sets, we headed to KOA and Capt Josh was playing.