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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 03Jul19 – Fishing, Fireworks and Haywire

John was out fishing early and got his limit. Now more buffing and detailing of the truck. Time for a bike ride. I did 5.5 miles and John did 8 miles. We regrouped and headed to Kiki’s Tiki for fireworks and Haywire. We had a lighting storm with thunder and rainbows before the fireworks, but no rain. We saw it in the distance. During the fireworks the thunder and lightning kept up. It was so cool during one firework. As it was popping open, 2 lightning bolts, one on each side came down. It was Awesome!! As soon as the fireworks were over, we headed out. It still lookes like rain is coming. We found out the rain started while Haywire was still playing with no roof. Their equipment got wet, not good.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 18Jan19 – Fishing and Kiki’s Tiki

Larry, Kevin and John were out fishing early. I did some music practice and then we headed to the pool. Nice day today, about 77, sunny with a slight breeze. Tonight we are heading to Kiki’s Tiki to party with Haywire. We picked up Richard and met lots of friends there. We dropped off Douglas on the way home. We had a great fun evening.