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Key West, FL – 03Nov19 – Key West Vacation and MOTM

Technically MOTM is over, but there are still a lot of Artists in town. So we collected Sally and headed to Island Dogs to see John Frinzi and friends. We stopped at Tropical Vibes for Expresso’s and hand rolled ice cream. Excellent.
Now we stopped and talked to Linda and Tom for a while at Ricks. On to the Green Parrot for Jazz Jam and visited with Richard for a while. The Super Boat are in town so we watched the parade.
We never made it to Blue Heaven, but we did stop at Blue Macaw for 1 cocktail. Yeah right. We were there for hours. Jennifer met us there and we all had cocktails and then ordered every appetizer on the menu. Our buddy, Rick Fusco was playing so we enjoyed his music. He invited Chicago Sandy up so play harp on a couple songs. We finished off with Irish Coffee’s and now it’s time to head back. Another fun, fun, fun day.

Key West, FL – 02Nov19 – Key West Vacation and MOTM

We had a relaxing morning. First a little pool time, then Diane and I stayed by the pool and I played guitar and Diane sang some songs. John, Jim and Dennis went for a couple mile walk to find a beach for Dennis.

Now we picked up Sally and headed to Schooner Wharf for a little Micheal McCloud. We all had boat drinks and ready to move again. George Chapman is playing at Ricks so we moseyed over there.

We got to the Casa around 630p for the end of High South. We met Jennifer, Scott and Lori there. James Slater is starting and he is a Nashville, singer/songwriter and piano player. He is a great artist. We had a great time listening, singing and dancing along with his music. Now our friend, Howard Livingston and the MM24 band. As always it was a great fun time and most of the crowd knew all the words. Ok, another FUN,FUN,FUN day!!

Key West, FL – 01Nov19 – Key West Vacation and MOTM

We were up early this morning. We regrouped and headed in a Lyft cab to the Tiki House downtown to see Gene Mitchell. Steve Craigo was there and we had great seats. We got to meet Gene’s wife, Teresa. Friends Lori and Scott from the Mike Nash cruise was also in town. We stopped at Capt Tony’s for a few songs from Bo Fodor. Chicago Sandy was invited up for one. Now we continued on at stopped at Tropical Vibes for cappuccinos.

It was perfect timing for the Duval Loop bus which took us right to the Casa.
While walking a lady, Diane, was giving out shots of Papa’s Pillar Blonde rum. Her son is an artist down here, Gabriel Wright, so she was promoting him.
We headed to our chairs and Sally was already here. Don Middlebrook was on stage. The Sauce Boss joined them for a couple songs and then he did his own set. Next up was the Boat Drunk which is always awesome. Mac McAnally joined them for a couple. So did Doyle Grisham and Nadirah Shakoor joined them. She sang a couple songs, including “At Last”. It was just wonderful.
We were going to head to sunset pier but changed our minds. So Sally stayed for more music and we headed back to the house on Lyft. We had mudslides and music and Jim made yummy chicken drumsticks. John and Dennis were out by the pool for a bit. Now a little guitar practice for me and a mini guitar lesson for Jim.

Chicago Sandy and Bo Fodor – Capt Tony’s – Honky Tonk Women

Key West, FL – 31Oct19 – Key West Vacation and MOTM

We were up early, had breakfast and reviewed the music schedule. We left about 10am, picked up Sally and headed to the Casa. Check in was really easy this year. We got our chairs set up by the stage and then headed for free margaritas by the mini-mart. The girls checked out the mini-mart and JD Spradlin from Radio Margaritaville was on air. We got our pic with him and then found the boys.
They had gotten a table by the beach stage and pool in the shade. That’s good, it’s a beautiful day, mostly sunny and about 88 degrees. Sitting in the sun for hours would be rough so this is perfect. We listened to music, enjoyed the pool, had lunch and of course boat drinks. The music we enjoyed today was the Saltwater Troubadours with John Frinzi, John Patti, Doyle Grisham and others.
Now the music moved to the main stage. We stayed put and next up was the Tropical Soul Band. Then Jimmi Pappas and then the Trop Rock Junkies. The sun is going down. Jim, Diane and Dennis headed back to the house and Sally, John and I headed to our chairs at the main stage. Brendan Mayer and his dad Peter Mayer (in Buffet’s band) was playing. Now we got to see our buddy from Panama City Beach, Gene Mitchell. It was a beautiful sunset with Gene playing. We were going to stay longer, but some heavy rain came in we bailed back home. It was a great first day of MOTM.