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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 11Feb20 – Sparky’s and Tonios

We headed out for our bike ride and stopped by Larry’s. He’s driving Jerry, Char, John and I across the bridge to Sparky’s Landing in Marathon tonight for happy hour with wings and shrimp. Gary and Maddie met us there. On the way home, Larry surprised us with a stop at Tonio’s. Leigh Guest was performing and a lot of friends were there.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 09Feb20 – Lazy Lakes 1st Annual Friends Party.

John did his bike ride and now we headed to the clubhouse to set up for our 1st Annual Friends Party at Lazy Lakes. The artists that performed were Leigh Guest, Michael Oben, Popeye Cunard, Kenny James, Mark Peterson, Dave Henschen and Chicago Sandy. Special thanks to Dave Henschen for organizing and setting up all the PA equipment. We had about 100 people both from Lazy Lakes and also local friends. We had an AWESOME FUN time.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 08Feb20 – Popeye’s Jam Night

It’s a cold blustery morning. About 64 with 20mph winds. Even so, the boys were out early fishing. They got their limit. Now John headed out for his bike ride. Tonight we headed to Paradise BSB on Big Pine for Popeye’s Jam Night. It was a great evening. Lots of artists and people. Some of the artists were, Popeye, Debbie, Roger, Cheryl, Buddy, Flip Flop Bob, Kenny and Bill on drums, Mike on banjo, Troy, and of course, Chicago Sandy.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 07Feb20 – Michael’s Rock and Soul Band

Blustery morning. Rain and wind (25mph). Temps about 74 degrees. I’m heading to the store for some supplies for Sunday’s party. John did his bike ride and then him and Larry went to check there checking the Bait Traps. Time to regroup and head to Looe Key to see Micheal’s Rock and Soul Band. Cindy, Bob, Gary and Maddie sat with us. It was packed and we did lots of dancing.