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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 03Dec19 – Key West Parrothead Phlocking

Cold morning. About 65 and windy. John was out for a few minutes, then came in to have coffee and read the paper. He headed out for his bike ride and then went to pull and run traps with Larry. Now some groceries and regroup. We planned to head to Key West tonight to pick up our friend Richard at the airport. But now it was canceled in Rochester NY due to a blizzard. So we are still heading down. We picked up Larry and then Sally and headed to the Smokin Tuna for the Key West Parrothead Phlocking. Jimmy met us there and the band High South is playing tonight. When they were done, we moved on to Ricks but ended up having pizza and then headed home.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 01Jun19 – Parrothead Phlocking

The days are warm around 90 with a 5-10mph breeze. Now we did a 6.75 mile bike ride. A little relaxing, pool time, reading, practice and now party time. We headed to Sugarloaf Tiki for happy hour, sunset and the Key West Parrothead Phlocking. We met Richard there. Tonight Gary Hemsley and Terry Cassidy are playing. We had a beautiful sunset and a great time.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 16May19 – Parrothead Phlocking

  • We had an easy day of projects and reading. Now we walked over to Mangrove Mamas for happy hour and to attend the Key West Parrothead Club Phlocking. We met Capt Drew and Karen. Others friends, Koz, Laura and Capt Josh, Al Waters, Amy were also there. Haywire Dave and Tiffany also showed up. Don Chairs was playing and Patti was bartending. We had a fun time and it was a great evening.