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St. Thomas, USVI. – 11Feb19 – Travel Day

Today we have to say goodbye to Margaritaville St. Thomas. We watched a beautiful sunrise and had a farewell cocktail on our patio. Now lunch at Margaritaville and then off to the airport we went.
At the airport we did have another farewell cocktail at the same bar we all had our welcome cocktail. Now it’s time for us to go. We said our see you somewhere to our friends and headed for our gate. We got home about 11pm and Larry picked us up at the airport. Larry had dropped Sally off. We spent some time with Magic and then we were done. It was a GREAT trip.

St. Thomas, USVI. – 10Feb19 – Margaritaville Day

We have had a lot of fun days. Sam, Jackie, Paul and Chris decided they needed more Coki Beach for snorkeling and cocktails. John and I decided to take a time-out. We relaxed and hung out at the Margaritaville pool.

We were all going to have a easy evening, Yeah, Right, but that didn’t happen. First more blender usage, now over to the 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar for shots and happy hour drinks. Are we done? NOT! We walked on the dark, rocky path to the Shoreline Bar for dinner. Well, they were out of food, so we were forced to have more and more drinks. So much for an easy evening. It was another fun, fun, fun night!!!

St. Thomas, USVI. – 09Feb19 – Sapphire Beach Day

Chris and Jackie wanted to do some shopping in Charlotte Amalie. So they dropped Paul, Sam, John and I off at Sapphire Beach. We got a nice area set up and then Sam and Paul went in to do some snorkeling. It was getting dark and it started to pour. We could see the rain coming. That’s ok, it turned into a beautiful day.
Chris and Jackie got back and then Sam, Paul, John and I did some snorkeling. It was nice, but because of the wind and rain, the water was a little cloudy. We got some sun, had a nice lunch, watched kite boarders and wind surfers. Now we headed home.
We decided to get our Margaritaville blender a workout. We have to use up all the stuff we have. After a few pitchers, it’s time for happy hour at the 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar. That also means that at 5 O’clock there are shots given out. We had a fun time and now more blender usage at our place with Mr. Jimmy Buffett playing on the TV. Ok, were done!!!

St. Thomas, USVI. – 08Feb19 – St. John Day

We were up early and on the 8am ferry from Red Hook to Cruz Bay, St John. We walked to C&C car rental to pick up our minivan. We made a quick stop at the store for beach supplies. Snacks, lunch and beer.
Now we headed out on the coastal road towards Trunk Bay. We made a few photo stops, overlooking St. Thomas, Cruz Bay, Caneel Bay and Trunk Bay. When we got to Trunk, there were only a few others there. Normally it would already be packed. Sam, John and I headed out for snorkeling. There are underwater plaques around the island. When the sun was out we could really see the colors of the coral and fish. Now a little rest and have our snacks.
We headed on to Coral Bay. On the way to Coral Bay saw deer, donkeys, and goats. We stopped at Pickles in Paradise for some coffee, snacks and beers. A little more down the road to Aqua Bistro for lunch. We were all done snorkeling for the day, so we drove back to Cruz Bay.
Jackie, Chris and I did some souvenir shopping and the boys bellied up to the bar at High Tide Bar and Grill overlooking Cruz Bay harbor. We joined the boys and all had some tropical drinks since it’s happy hour. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Now we caught our ferry back and headed home.