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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 25Jan20 – Fishing – House Concert

The boys were out fishing early. It’s a nice morning and they had a beautiful sunrise. They got their 10 mangrove snappers. Now John is smokin them up and making fish dip. I’m doing some guitar practice. We went for our bike ride. I did 4 miles and John his daily 12 miles.
Not much time to re-group. Linda and Tom drove us over to Al and Julie Waters house. They are having a house concert party this afternoon evening with Leigh Guest performing. It was a great time, with good entertainment, food and friends. A beautiful sunset to an awesome day. Thanks Al and Julie!!!

Key West, FL – 03Nov19 – Key West Vacation and MOTM

Technically MOTM is over, but there are still a lot of Artists in town. So we collected Sally and headed to Island Dogs to see John Frinzi and friends. We stopped at Tropical Vibes for Expresso’s and hand rolled ice cream. Excellent.
Now we stopped and talked to Linda and Tom for a while at Ricks. On to the Green Parrot for Jazz Jam and visited with Richard for a while. The Super Boat are in town so we watched the parade.
We never made it to Blue Heaven, but we did stop at Blue Macaw for 1 cocktail. Yeah right. We were there for hours. Jennifer met us there and we all had cocktails and then ordered every appetizer on the menu. Our buddy, Rick Fusco was playing so we enjoyed his music. He invited Chicago Sandy up so play harp on a couple songs. We finished off with Irish Coffee’s and now it’s time to head back. Another fun, fun, fun day.

Key West, FL – 02Nov19 – Key West Vacation and MOTM

We had a relaxing morning. First a little pool time, then Diane and I stayed by the pool and I played guitar and Diane sang some songs. John, Jim and Dennis went for a couple mile walk to find a beach for Dennis.

Now we picked up Sally and headed to Schooner Wharf for a little Micheal McCloud. We all had boat drinks and ready to move again. George Chapman is playing at Ricks so we moseyed over there.

We got to the Casa around 630p for the end of High South. We met Jennifer, Scott and Lori there. James Slater is starting and he is a Nashville, singer/songwriter and piano player. He is a great artist. We had a great time listening, singing and dancing along with his music. Now our friend, Howard Livingston and the MM24 band. As always it was a great fun time and most of the crowd knew all the words. Ok, another FUN,FUN,FUN day!!