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Sugarloaf Key FL

We were up and out by 930am. We picked up Richard and then Douglas. Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) Parrothead Phocking is taking place this week. We headed to the Tiki House to see Sam Rainwater. His wife Elizabeth was also there.

We went next door to Capt Tony’s to see Mike Miller with the Boat Drunks. Sally joined us there. Our friend, CW Colt is performing at Two Friends so we walked over there Cyndie and Hollie joined our group. Chicago Sandy got to sit on on one song. We ran into Ann Ballard, a parrothead friend there.

When CW finished his show we headed back to Capt Tony’s for more Boat Drunks and ran into our friends, Pete and Kathy, Also Bob. His wife Kathy wasn’t with him today but we will see them again. Now it’s time for the Duval Street Fest and Howard Livingston.

At the street fest, Steve and Sue joined our group. I kidnapped Sally and we went upstairs to throw beads and beach balls down to the crowd. After Howard, we lost Cyndie and Hollie and we all walked down to Lucy’s for more cocktails and some dinner. We had a great day!

Panama City Beach FL

We had a nice day at our campsite. Did some reading and then regrouped. We headed to Runaway Island for cocktails, appetizers and to listen to our Trop Rock friend, Gene Mitchell. We had a nice table overlooking the beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Gene stopped by and we chatted during his break and we got to hear some of his new songs.

College Park, MD

Mike and Liz knows a trop rocker, John Luskey that plays in the area. Tonight he is at Happy Harbor in Deal MD by the Chesapeake Bay. We went to Mike and Liz’s and they drove since they know the area. We met John (Moose) and Sharon, and Diane there. Moose plays guitar and sings so when John took breaks, Moose played. Chicago Sandy was invited up as a guest harp player on a few songs with Moose. Micheal was up singing with both John and Moose for quite a few songs. We met a couple, Dave and Nancy that spend their February down at the KOA on Sugarloaf. We had good food and drinks and a fun evening right on the water with good friends.

Antioch, IL

This morning we had more thunderstorms and rain move through. It cleared up and the trip to Blarneys Island for Fantasy Fest and Mr Myers departed at 2pm. We had a group of us on Marty’s boat and met Jim and Diane at the island. As always, we all had a great time, did some limbo, dancing, drinking and hanging out. The boat headed home around 730pm. A few people stayed and got home around 2am.