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Antioch, IL

This morning we had more thunderstorms and rain move through. It cleared up and the trip to Blarneys Island for Fantasy Fest and Mr Myers departed at 2pm. We had a group of us on Marty’s boat and met Jim and Diane at the island. As always, we all had a great time, did some limbo, dancing, drinking and hanging out. The boat headed home around 730pm. A few people stayed and got home around 2am.

Mesa Az

This morning we helped Patti move some boxes to their new condo. Then we headed home and relaxed for a while. It’s really hot today around 110 degrees.

Later in the afternoon we headed out to Old Town Gringos Bar. The Arizona Parrotheads are having a Phlocking and Sam Rainwater is releasing a new CD. We saw lots of parrothead we know from when we were AZPH’s and met some new phiends. Also that we have seen at MOTM in Key West. Pete and Kathy were there and we had a great time.

We were going to make it an early evening, but you know how that goes. We decided to stop at El Dorado Bar which is on the way home and also where they have a Blues open mic on Wednesdays. There was a good band, so we had a beer. Our phone rang and it was Patti and Jeff on their way to Casino Arizona. It happens Casino Arizona is only 2 miles from El Dorado. So now we went to meet them. After some drinks, gambling and a late/early breakfast, we got home around 1am. Early night, right!

San Antonio – Parrothead party

Today we hung out at the pool and soaked up some sun. Now we are regrouping and heading to Cindy and Don’s for a parrothead house party. We haven’t met them yet but they are members of the San Antonio Parrothead Club. Charlie Imes and Rob Mehl are performing.

We got up to Cindy and Don’s and right away we were welcomed. We met Cindy and Don, Fred and Sara, Doc, Dave, Karen, Laurie, and a lot of fun parrotheads. We have seen Rob Mehl many times but this is the first time we’ve seen Charlie Imes. We loved listening to both of their stories and music, had lots of delicious food, and some cocktails. Thank you to Cindy, Don and the San Antonio Parrotheads for a great evening.