John and Sandy's Adventure Journal


Jackson Ga – 15May18

We are going to hang around our rig today. Some good rain is coming, so a good day to catch up on stuff. We changed our plans today. No more Cherokee NC and Oneida TN. Lots of rain is coming and it wouldn’t be good hiking. So now we are heading to Tunica MS. We also decided to pack up and leave tomorrow instead of Thursday. Lots of rain coming and we want to get out of Dodge.

Jackson GA – 14May18

More local exploring. We headed to the Dorset Nature Center about 10 miles from us. It’s like a little zoo for rescued animals. It has some hiking trails and a nature museum. We took a nice 2 mile walk around to see the animals. Later on we enjoyed a couple cocktails outside. The weekend is over and we have most of our section to ourselves.

Jackson GA – 13May18

We did a nice 2 mile hike on the High Falls Trail. Part of it was through the forest and part was along the river with falls mixed in. John needed more hiking so he hiked back to our site and I drove. Now we relaxed and did some reading.

Jackson GA – 12May18

It’s a hot one today. Around 95 degrees. We took a country drive on the way to get groceries. Now we are reading and relaxing in the shade. We headed down the road to a little tavern, the Backwood Bar. We met Amanda and Tom the owners. We had a few cocktails and headed home.