John and Sandy's Adventure Journal


Tunica MS – 26May18

After coffee, we decided to talk a walk. We went to the end of the road and found a golf course which we checked out. We found a turtle heading to Resorts Casino and moved him back to the nice grass area. He was mad and tried to pee all over John. We found lots of golf balls on our walk. We got back and had gone about 2 ½ miles. Now a little reading and time to regroup. We headed to Fitzgerald’s Casino for a little gambling, some music and a steak and crab legs buffet. John had one a free buffet the other day here. We gambled a little and listened to a band while at the bar playing video poker. I decided to see if I could get a discount on the buffet with my points and ended up with a free one. So off we went. It was really good, especially since it was free. We were done and headed home. It was a beautiful afterglow of the sunset so we stopped and took a few pics.