John and Sandy's Adventure Journal


Paraje NM

       Today is another drive day. We explored the East side of El Malpais Natl Monument. We stopped at the Sandstone overlook and then at the Arch. There was a 1 mile hike inland toward the arch we took. This area is just so open and beautiful with the sandstone cliffs and lava rocks all around. We stopped at the Rim trail and John did about 1 mile round trip. I stayed back because the beginning of the hike was a steep climb up uneven rocks.
       Now we headed back but stopped at Sky City Casino for a while. We got home and finished our pre-departure day stuff. I walked next door to our casino Dancing Eagle for a while.

Paraje NM

        We were out by 9am to explore. The area here is so vast there is a lot of mileage between things to see. So we headed first for the El Malpais Natl Monument Visitors Center. We talked to a ranger for a while and she gave us a lot of good info on the park and also El Morrow NM. We watched a couple movies on the area and then started our drive. It was a 20 mile drive to the visitors center and now about 45 miles from here to El Morrow.
      On the way we drive through El Malpais. At El Morrow there is a 1 mile hike along the bottom and we got to see hundreds of petroglyths. John took the additional 2 mile hike up to the top of the rock to see the native dwellings. I hung out at the visitors center and listened to a ranger talk on the history of the area and why it is a Natl Monument.
      When John got back we had a picnic and started our drive back. It was later in the afternoon with overcast skies and some rain showers. Along the way we saw a big herd of female Elks with their babies.


Paraje, NM

Happy B’day John!
 We are traveling today but not far. The KOA has pancake breakfast so we walked over and enjoyed some pancakes. We packed up and were still on the road by 815am. We are only heading about 180 miles east to Paraja NM.
      We got all set up at the Dancing Eagle Casino and RV Park. After re-grouping, we walked to our casino for some cocktails and gambling. Well, we did a little gambling but found out our casino doesn’t serve alcohol. So after a while we left and drove 7 miles to the Sky City Casino. They have a lounge. We stopped for a cocktail and we were going to take them to the casino floor to gamble.
     However we found out in New Mexico you cannot have alcohol on the casino floor. So we enjoyed a couple drinks and then did some gambling. A little video poker and blackjack. We had a really nice steak buffet dinner and then headed back.