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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 25Dec19 – Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!! Santa and Santa Cat came to our home last night. Magic, John and I opened our gifts and then made our annual Cookie Delivery in the park. John headed out on his daily bike ride. Larry and John went to run bait traps and tonight we had a small jam night with Richard, Jerry, Ben and I. We had some friends out to listen and it was a really enjoyable Christmas Day.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 23Nov19 – Chicago Sandy and Richard Debut.

We did our lake walk and now the boys are out to check their bait traps. Now John is off on his 12 mile daily bike ride. So we drove with Richard to the Paradise on Big Pine for Popeye’s Jam Night. Richard and I are doing our Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Debut tonight. I think it went well. It’s the first time Richard has played his bass and sang at a jam night. It’s also the first time I’ve played my guitar and sang at a jam night. Chicago Sandy did play a lot of harmonica and we had a great time. Thanks Popeye and Debbie!!!

Chicago Sandy with Richard Dueker – Best of all Possible Worlds
Chicago Sandy with Richard Dueker and Popeye – Folsom Prison
Chicago Sandy with Popeye and Roger – Mary Jane’s Last Dance
Chicago Sandy with Popeye, Debbie and Roger – Pirate looks at 40