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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 13Jan20 – Mangrove Mama’s

Suzy, John and I did our lake walk and visited with Larry. John headed out for his bike ride and Suzy and I visited with Linda. Now some relax time. Suzy headed to the pool and John and I helped Larry with his rigs plumbing issue. Our neighbors Kenny and Patti came by to look at it and fixed it.

Now we regrouped and went to Larry’s for White Russians. After a couple, we walked to mangroves mama’s. We found out it was our bartender friend Patty Wackers last night. On the way back we stopped at Larry’s for one more cocktail. Right!!! After a few, we went next door to Jerry, Chars and Ben’s and was corrupted with wine. When Suzy and I got home, we had a couple grasshopper drinks. Great night.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 06Jan20 – Mangrove Mama’s

It’s a sunny, but windy (15mph) and cold morning (64 degrees). We had our coffee and paper outside and then John headed for his daily 12 mile bike ride. I went with John and Larry on some recognizance today. We went to search for blue crab and bait areas. It didn’t go well. Didn’t find anything that would work. After regrouping, we headed to Larry’s for some rum and eggnog. Now we walked to Mangrove Mama’s for happy hour. A few more arrived, Ruth and Bill and Jean and Dave. I think our group was at 14 tonight.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 23Dec19 – Fishing and Mangrove Mamas

It started out overcast with rain. We sat outside under the overhang. It cleared up a bit so we walked to Larry’s and then John headed for his bike ride. John, Larry and Russ headed out for fishing early afternoon and got their limit. I did some guitar practice. Now I walked over to Mangrove Mama’s for happy hour and John met me there. We had a small group tonight. Gary, Maddie, Steve, Sue, Dave, Paul, Joy and Jason.