John and Sandy's Adventure Journal

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We are uploading our videos to our youtube channel –
Sandy Bush“.

We have some videos that are older or compliments of other people.
Those you will have to click the links below to view.

I just had the opportunity to play Stormy Monday with Curtis
Knox at Val Vista Village in Mesa, AZ.
Here is the link –  Click here

Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band 2011 – 
Our first video – 1/20/11
Compliments of Joan and Mike -if you have trouble
with that link – try

Our first video – 1/20/11 link 2
– Compliments of Joan and Mike

Our second performance – 1/27/11
– Compliments of Karen and Jim

Lazy Lakes Karaoke – Warning – Who are these people

Karaoke – Craig-Ted-Maddie

Karaoke – Debbie -John

Karaoke – Joanne – Debbie

– Linda and party

singing My Ding-a-Ling at Kamping Karaoke

Howard Livingston and MM24 Band

Livingston at the Sugarloaf KOA 25Jan14  – Compliments of

Joe Lazar and
Parrot Eyes Video

Howard Livingston singing Key West Time at KOA 05Feb11

Livingston Auctioning off a record breaking Margarita for KOA Care Camp – Kids
with Cancer

Livingston and MM24 at KOA
– New Years Eve 2010

“Fantasy Fest 2010


“Concert in the Park” – Lazy Lakes RV Resort – March 20, 2010

our photos on webshots

Paul Cotton short video clip

Paul Cotton short video clip 2

“Charity in the Park Concert” – Lazy Lakes RV Resort – February 13, 2010

All our
photos on webshots

McAnally short video clip

Jerry Jeff Walker short video clip

Video Dave Photos

Video Dave Photos 2

The Weather Channel Guaranteed White Christmas Clips

YouTube Video

Video Dave

Weather Channel Video

Video Dave Videos on YouTube – Various

Lakeridge RV Resort – Summer 2009

    Workampers Video

Kenny Chesney Concert Clips

Break 09 Clip 1

Spring Break 09 Clip 2

Spring Break 09 Clip 3

Spring Break 09 Clip 4

Movie 1 – Moab

I had to change the music and wasn’t sure how.  It
wasn’t working because I was using Changes in Lattitudes from Jimmy Buffett and
I guess it is copywritten. 

Movie 2 – Rafting on the River