John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

San Antonio

San Antonio

Today is an overcast day with a few sprinkles. We took a walk around the park and on the nature trail. Then for Mothers Day the KOA has free pancakes for all the ladies. So John and I had pancakes, then relaxed and did some reading. We headed up to meet Katie and Kirk for dinner but they couldn’t make it, so we enjoyed cocktails and dinner at Kogi Korean Grill.

San Antonio – Parrothead party

Today we hung out at the pool and soaked up some sun. Now we are regrouping and heading to Cindy and Don’s for a parrothead house party. We haven’t met them yet but they are members of the San Antonio Parrothead Club. Charlie Imes and Rob Mehl are performing.

We got up to Cindy and Don’s and right away we were welcomed. We met Cindy and Don, Fred and Sara, Doc, Dave, Karen, Laurie, and a lot of fun parrotheads. We have seen Rob Mehl many times but this is the first time we’ve seen Charlie Imes. We loved listening to both of their stories and music, had lots of delicious food, and some cocktails. Thank you to Cindy, Don and the San Antonio Parrotheads for a great evening.

San Antonio Tx

We took a nice walk with our coffee’s around the park. We saw some ducks in the trees we couldn’t name. Later in the afternoon we took the #24 bus from the KOA to downtown San Antonio near the Riverwalk. We took a nice walk along the river and stopped in the La Villita area at Guadalajara Grill for some cocktails and appetizers. More walking and then we decided to head home. So we hopped the bus.