John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal


Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 10Jun18

Cold, rainy morning. It’s about 62 degrees with rain. We sat outside for a little while then moved in and put our fireplace on. We did head down to Sam and Jackies and then a bunch of us headed to Rosies Bar for Razors Edge AC/DC Band. It’s inside since it’s drizzling. Chicago Sandy got to jam a couple songs with them and had a great time. After the band, Paul, Sam, Jackie, John and I stayed longer, had more cocktails and had the juke box going.

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 09Jun18

During coffee we met up with more friends. We took a walkabout and stopped by Sam and Jackies. They are moving slow this morning. We were in by 1130pm and they were up until 4am. Jim and Diane came by in the afternoon for a while and we ended up by Sam and Jackies again. It’s getting cool and windy and rain is coming. They were heading to Rosie’s Bar around 9pm. We were going to go too, but were chilled. We went home to get warmer clothes and stayed in.

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 08Jun18

Magic is doing much better this morning. It’s a cold morning, only 58 degrees. We had coffee outstide for a while but some thunderstorms are rolling in. After they passed we headed down to Sam and Jackies. I told them I started a new instrument, the ukulele. Another person in the park, Dodie also plays. She came by with hers and Jackie had one, so we did a little practice. Mike came over and said he had a dead snapping turtle in his firepit. We went to get it out and it was alive! Sam got a shovel because he was big and mad. We put him in the lake and he left after a few minutes. Now Jackie and John started a fire and there was a party by Sam and Jackies. Lots of campground friends stopped by and it was good to see them again. Thunderstorms moved in and we headed home around 1130pm.

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 07Jun18

Magic is not feeling well today. She has never been like this before. We hope she’s ok. We had coffee and then took a walk around the park and out to the point. We saw Biker Tom and Sally on our walked and caught up on stuff. Now more getting stuff organized. We will be here 3 months and like to get everything nice, and then we can party. Now we are relaxing and doing some reading. We took a walk and headed to Rosie’s Bar next to our park. A few friends, Danny, John, Oramay, Joel and Brenda were there. We had some drinks and played a few slots. We left and walked over by Sam and Jackies. Mike and Katie stopped by. I borrowed a blanket because it was getting cold. Sam and Jackie let us use the Taxi and we went back and changed into warm clothes and we met up at Rosie’s again. We had a fun time and ended up doing a couple shots.