John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal


Hurricane Evacuation and Biloxi MS

When we got up around 7pm, we were back on the road. We needed gas and breakfast. Most gas stations are out of gas. We stopped at a Travel America truck stop and they were out of regular gas, but once again, we use diesel and they had lots of that. We had breakfast and coffee and decided to travel to Biloxi.

We want to get out of Irma’s cone. Panama City Beach and Gulf Shores AL is still in the cone. We contacted Cajun RV Park where we have stayed a few times and was able to get a site. We got set up and we were done!!! We had a couple cocktails and that was it!


It’s a nice sunny morning but only around 60 degrees. We had coffee inside and then headed to the Golden Nugget for a slot tournament. We played our nickle video poker games and then went to the slot tournament. John did good, but not enough to qualify for any free play. So after a while, we headed home and finished getting ready for tomorrows travel day.


Today we actually got our pre-departure stuff done. We have a slot tournament we want to go to at the Golden Nugget tomorrow. We do have some time now and the rain started up again so we headed to Treasure Bay Casino to try our luck. After some nickle video poker and then some blackjack, I wasn’t doing well. John hit some nice aces 4 of a kinds so he was doing ok. Finally the nickel double bonus poker gave me a couple 4 of a kinds. We were going to leave but decided to have a couple more cocktails. That was a good thing. I hit a Royal Flush on my nickel double bonus poker. Thank you machine!!!



This morning we hung around and did some travel planning for the next month or so. That done, we headed out and over to the Golden Nugget for some gambling. We were playing the high roller stuff. Nickle video poker betting. Then I played my blazing 7’s .25 machine. Both were good to me so I also played my blazing 7’s 1.00 machine. It was also good to me. We both played some blackjack. We were going to go to a baseball game tonight, but ended up staying here and then to the buffet. Another rough day.