John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

New Mexico

Paraje, NM

Happy B’day John!
 We are traveling today but not far. The KOA has pancake breakfast so we walked over and enjoyed some pancakes. We packed up and were still on the road by 815am. We are only heading about 180 miles east to Paraja NM.
      We got all set up at the Dancing Eagle Casino and RV Park. After re-grouping, we walked to our casino for some cocktails and gambling. Well, we did a little gambling but found out our casino doesn’t serve alcohol. So after a while we left and drove 7 miles to the Sky City Casino. They have a lounge. We stopped for a cocktail and we were going to take them to the casino floor to gamble.
     However we found out in New Mexico you cannot have alcohol on the casino floor. So we enjoyed a couple drinks and then did some gambling. A little video poker and blackjack. We had a really nice steak buffet dinner and then headed back.

Mimbres, NM – Gila Cliff Dwellings Natl Park

We all headed to Gila Cliff Dwellings Natl Park today. Floyd and Terri have been here many times and took us on the mile hike to dwellings. We got to actually go in them and explore. After our hike, we stopped at the Visitors Center and watch a movie on the area. We took a different route which was a beautiful drive to Silver City. We stopped for Mexican dinner and then went back at Floyd and Terri’s where we had marathon joker games and cocktails.

Mimbres, NM

This morning we watched the little Gambles Quails scurry around. Also the bunnies and lots of birds. Today is party day. Floyd and Terri invited some of their neighbors over for a BBQ. Floyd was out early starting ribs. Terri made some sangria. I got appetizers ready. Now we are relaxing and their friends Margielen and Pat came over. We played some jokers, had cocktails, and relaxed looking at the beautiful scenery around them. When it was time to eat some big thunderstorms came in so we ate inside and then went back to more jokers. It was another great day.

Mimbres, NM

We don’t have far to go today, about 4 hours. So we relaxed outside and had coffee. Now we are headed to Mimbres NM near Silver City to visit our Lazy Lakes friends, Floyd and Terri. They have a great house and lots of property. They even have an RV site on their property. After getting set-up, the four of us enjoyed the afternoon and evening getting caught up, playing some joker games, bags, having cocktails and wine, a great steak, potato and corn dinner and more cocktails.