John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal


Mesa, AZ

We picked up our friend Patti and headed to Boston’s Bar which is also an OTB (off track betting). Today is the Belmont Stakes race and we are making some wagers. Jeff met us there and we all had lots of cocktails, made some bets, had some appetizers and a really fun time. We didn’t hit big, but that’s ok. Now we headed back to Patti and Jeff’s and had more drinks and then their neighbor stopped by and we all ordered pizza. We stayed overnight so we could party more tomorrow.

Mesa, AZ – Desert Eagle Brewing Co.

Today we did some research on what’s going on in the area. John found some places with happy hour and live music in downtown Mesa. So we headed there and walked along Main St. We stopped at Desert Eagle Brewing Co. The Hoodoo Casters started setting up. They are a blues band and tonight they are a trio. We met Boyd which is a vocalist and harp player. I got invited up to play a couple songs, so we did Folsom Prison Blues and Sweet Home Chicago. We had some DE beers and appetizers, listened to some great blues music and Chicago Sandy got to perform.

Mesa, AZ

We are re-adjusting our schedule to accommodate the hot temperatures. So we had our coffee, relaxed outside and took a walk early this morning. Then we worked on some indoor projects and did some reading. Later on we took a walk over to the health club and worked out on the equipment for about an hour. Then a stop at the library to exchange some books. We stopped to play a couple games of pool and then had dinner.

Mesa AZ

The sun rises early and we got up. We were on the road by 630am. We have a short day today, only about 200 miles to Mesa AZ. We got all set up at Val Vista RV Resort. Today is hot, about 107 degrees, so we got caught up on stuff during the heat of the afternoon. Later we went to the pool for a while and then took a walk to check out the new health club. We played 18 holes of miniature golf while the sun was setting.