John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal


Jonestown, PA

This is a travel day. We are heading only 75 miles from Gettysburg to Jonestown. We had our coffee and Larry stopped by to say his “See you somewhere”. We were at the Jonestown KOA and set up by 1pm. Our Lazy Lakes friends, Gary and Maddie live right down the road and they have some property about 25 miles from here. They are up their with some family and friends, so we headed up to hang out. This was their “Fry” night. They deep fried french frys, chicken tenders, mushrooms, cauliflower, pork loin, and cheese filled Doritos. It was great to see them and we’ll get together again later in the week.

Gettysburg, PA

We were up early. Larry picked us up at 815am. Today is day 2 of the Battle at Gettysburg Reenactment. It was 154 years ago today that the battle was fought. There are tents set up which all the reenactors stay in for 3 days and are dressed in and live like they did during the battle and time period. There is also a confederate and union area where all the men stay and also practice, clean their weapons and prepare for battle. We took a walk around the living history area and both camps. A decedent of Ulysses S Grant is here and comes for every reenactment. John Griffith is the Great-Great Grandson of Ulysses S Grant.

We got bleacher seats for the 2 battles and cannon demonstrations today. It was awesome. It’s really humbling to think that 154 years ago men where on this ground and died fighting. Also how they fought these battles. In the daytime, in fields standing in a line. After the first battle, we walked around and stopped at one tent that they talked about embalming back then. The next tent was the medical tent. Here they talked about how the treated the wounded and also did amputations back than. After the 2nd battle we headed out. We stopped on way home at Dave and Jane’s Crab House. We relaxed on the covered patio overlooking the hills, had a few cocktail and some great creamy crab chowder with hush puppies. Larry stayed for a few cocktails at our place and then we were all grounded. – Sorry for all the photos, but it was really cool.

Gettysburg, PA

We headed to Larry’s and he was our tour guide again today. He took us on a drive around the battlefield area at Culps Hill. We stopped in various places along the way to read some of the monuments. We climbed up the tower at Culps Hill and was able to get an overlook of Gettysburg, Cemetery Ridge, Big and Little Roundtop and the whole area. We continued on and headed to the Seminary where Day 1 of the Battle of Gettysburg was fought. As we entered, there were reenactors outside that were wounded with medical tents set up.

Gettysburg, PA

While having our morning outside coffee, a neighbor, Mike, stopped by and chatted. Larry has some projects and our park gave us tickets to three history museums. So John and I went to the Diorama, Spirit of Gettysburg and Lincoln Train Museum. Once again, we learned more about the history of the Battle of Gettysburg. We met up with Larry at the Brewery for a couple cocktails and then to the Mine Bar. We walked back towards Larry’s and stopped at Reid’s winery for Irish music. It was upstairs and inside so we didn’t stay long. We walked across the street to the Farnsworth for violin fiddle music, cocktails and had Union Soldiers next to us.