John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Mesa, Az

  1.       It’s monsoon season here in Mesa and last night we had lots of rain, thunder and some impressive lightning. It’s overcast now with some rain in the area and the temperatures are much cooler. Right now it’s only 81 and the high is only getting to 97 today.
    We headed up to North Phoenix to meet our friend Reba for lunch at Bridget’s Bar. Another friend, Jeanette joined us. We had a nice lunch, some cocktails and lots of great conversation and catching up. Then we headed back to Reba’s for a couple more cocktails and more catching up.
    On our way home, Patti and Jeff called and was heading to Boston’s for dinner and to bet on the ponies. We met them for some cocktail and OTB betting but no dinner. I hit a couple superfecta’s which were nice. We didn’t stay real long, we wanted to get home and they had to work tomorrow.

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