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Canyon TX

   We have about 300 miles today to Canyon TX just south of Amarillo. We were on the road by 6am and all set up at Palo Duro RV Park and having lunch by 1pm (with a time change).

We decided to come to this area because of Palo Duro Canyon. It’s the 2nd largest canyon in the United States. It’s 120 miles long and over 800 feet deep. We thought about staying in the state park but it’s in the bottom of the canyon and it’s a steep 10% grade road with winding sharp curves and no phone or internet so we stayed a few miles outside the park with FHU, cell service, internet and tv. I know, we like our stuff.

Six nights a week they have an outdoor play in the canyon called “Texas”. We decided to go tonight and got our tickets online. The play starts at 830pm but we got to the park around 6pm. Stopped at one of the overlooks and it is a beautiful canyon. Not as big as the grand canyon, but more trees and bushes. We had brought a cooler with a few beers and enjoyed a few brews with a great view. Now we drove the road down into the canyon. Yes, we could have taken our rv down the road, but it would not have been fun. We checked out the campground and it had nice sites but that’s it. We took a short hike to a bird blind and saw a small rodent and various birds including a nice woodpecker.

We got to the amphitheater for the play and listened to a country band for a few minutes and then it was time to enter. Our seats were perfect. Center and a little bit up, row G. The play is about Texas and the story of change from the Indians to the cattlemen to farmers to when the railroad came through. It was about 2 hours long and really good. Beautiful setting in the canyon with the cliffs in the background.

There are over 60 actors and also over 10 horses and a donkey in the play. It is very well done and we would recommend it to anyone. There were over 800 people there and the farthest from Australia. They talked about rain in the play and had fake thunder, but there was real lightning going on over the cliffs but no rain, so that was pretty cool. When we headed home up the canyon road we had to be real careful. It was so dark and late. Around one sharp turn a deer crossed right in front of us. We had a great time at the play “Texas” at Palo Duro State Park.


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