John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Gettysburg, PA

Larry, John and I went on a private guided auto tour today. This is well worth the money. Bob is our guide for 2 hours and he drove Larry’s car and took us around to the various battlefields and explained how the 3 day battle progressed. It was good that we had learned about the battle before this tour. It made the tour that much better.

After the tour, Larry headed home and so did we. John needs a hike and followed the horse trail out the park. It took him out to the battlefield by Little Round Top. Later we headed to Larry’s and walked through Gettysburg. Larry took us by the train station where Lincoln came in to give the Gettysburg Address. Now we stopped at Hauser’s Winery in the square for open mic. Chicago Sandy got to jam to Mary Jane’s Last Dance. Another artist, Linda, played an Indian flute.