John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Sugarloaf Key FL

John and Larry were out fishing early. It’s still slow fishing, don’t know why. We have more Chicago friends coming in today, Kenny and Kim. Suzy and her gang are still here. Also today is locals day in Key West.

So we picked up Linda at 915am and met Richard and Sally down by the Conch Train at 1030am. The five of us took the 90 minuted Conch Train and had a great time. We stopped for ice cream, saw some of Rob and Jessica from Suzy’s crew, Larry and owner Joe from the train. Richard headed to the Green Parrot for the Jazz Jam and Linda, Sally, John and I went to the Aquarium and stayed for the Nurse and Sand shark feeding.

Our Lazy Lakes neighbor, Fenton is in a reggae band and they were playing at the Tiki House so we went for a beer to give our support. We dropped Linda at Ricks where she met Todd and Debra. Kenny, Kim, Richard and Larry were already at the Parrot and Suzy and her crew showed up. After time, lots of people went there own way. We headed to Ricks to see Linda and Yo Adrian was playing.

Larry, Sally and us headed to Mallory Square to see sunset and Dominque the Cat Man. We stopped at the Roof Top Cafe for a cocktail and Suzy and her crew showed up. We had just a great day in Key West with lots of old, new and local friends. We said our see you laters, stopped at Ricks to get Linda and headed home.