John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Sugarloaf Key FL

John and Larry were out early fishing. Just as I was getting up the phone rang and it was Larry advising me John had a treble hook in his foot and needed to go to the hospital. Alrighty then.

They got back and I took John to the hospital and everyone was said that’s the biggest fish hook they have seen. It was also covered in fish guts and blood and very rusty. After the Doctor consulted with various nurses, policemen, firemen and maintenece men, they started trying stuff.

The maintenance man did not have any big cutters and the grinder was to big. So the fireman tried the big bolt cutters. Didn’t work. Now there thinking the Operating Room to cut it out. First the Police had ratchet bolt cutters so the Fireman tried that. It worked.

Now to get the hook and big barb out. The doctor took his scalple and made a few cuts so the barb could come through. Now the Doctor pushed the hook with pliers and the Fireman pulled with pliers. Finally they got it. Yeah!!
So now I got my crazy fisherman home with a swollen foot and he is suppose to take it easy. The only thing the Doctor is worried about is an infection. So we have to watch for that. So today and tonight is a time-out.