John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Sugarloaf Key FL

We had a little time outside this morning before the big rain and cold front moved in. It’s pouring rain and the wind is whipping. It’s still warm, but the temperture is going to drop. We hung out inside and did reading and relaxing.
Tonight our friend, Michael Oben and his new band, Michaels Rock and Soul Band is playing at Looe Key Tiki. There still is no roof and no sides. At 5pm it’s still raining and really windy so we don’t know if it may be cancelled. We all decided to head to Looe Key at 630pm one way or another.
We picked up Linda and Douglas and met Craig and Debi there. The rain has stopped but not the wind. It’s about 66 and we are all dressed warm. The show went on and it was a great time. Joy showed up and lot’s of other friends. We did lots of singing and dancing.