John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Sugarloaf Key FL

Another Big day! There is a Keys Strong Benefit Concert at the new amphitheater in Key West today. It runs from noon until 6pm. Our group of Linda, Richard, Sally, Cyndi, Paul met others there too for a beautiful day.

The lineup is CW Colt, Howard Livingston, Caffeine Carl and the Buzz with George Chapman, Claire and the E’Claires, Howard Livingston, Coffee Butler and friends which included – Larry Smith, Robert Aubry and others.

A first responder police officer that rewrote a song for the hurricane and is a great singer, Bill Blue with CW Colt, R.B. Tolar, Claire and others. C,W Colt closed the show with Larry Smith, R.B.Tolar, Claire and others. Sally and I helped to sing Stronger Back from the sidelines. We all had a great time on a beautiful Key West day with Excellent Local Talent!! PRICELESS!!

To enjoy the whole concert, to to youtube live feed. The audio starts about 3 minutes into the day. go to: