John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

Mar 16, 2016

John and Larry were out fishing before dawn. Only one mangrove was caught. The water temperature is rising up to 78 degrees so the fishing is slowing down. I practiced guitar. We headed up to the clubhouse at noon for the Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band practice session. Our trash band is growing smaller weekly but we still have a great time. We headed to the clubhouse for potluck and then jokers. Potluck was great as always, but the joker game never got going. Dennis brought out his amp and DJ’d music for us. We were dancing and singing. We had Debbie and Kathy dancing on the table. The Lazy Lake Hotties were out partying.
Trash Band - 16Mar16 (2) Trash Band - 16Mar16 (1) Potluck - 16Mar16 (2)Potluck - 16Mar16 (3) Potluck - 16Mar16 (1) Potluck - 16Mar16 (4)

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